Lotts Rentals

Rules and Regulations

Pets. No pets are allowed on the premises without prior written permission from landlord.

Smoking. No smoking is allowed inside of the home or anywhere on the property. This includes outdoor spaces, garages, etc.

Drains. Please don’t put any grease down drains (hamburgers grease, bacon grease, chicken fat, lard, Crisco, butter, etc.) Do not use Drain-O or similar products without permission. Do no put Q-tips, sanitary napkins, or other products (other than toilet paper), even those advertised as flushable, in the toilets.

Ceramic Tile. Use only pH balanced cleaning products specifically designed for ceramic tile surfaces, and walls. Never use ammonia based, or acid based products on ceramic tile. Although these products will not hurt the tile itself they will destroy the water tight seal of the grout between the tiles. This grout will then discolor and allow water to penetrate through to the wood underneath. Over time this wood swells and contracts eventually causing the tiles to loosen and break.

Whirlpool tub. If property contains a whirlpool tub, operate only with water filled at least 3 inches over the jets. In Jacuzzi’s do not use any oil based soaps or bubble bath material. They will harm the system. (There is a special Jacuzzi bubble bath product available from Jacuzzi dealers)

Painting. No painting, wallpapering or other improvements are allowed without Landlord’s written permission first. Landlord may require additional deposit if renter wishes to paint, etc. This deposit is to cover expenses associated with damages to woodwork, floor coverings, etc., due to sloppy painting, and possible need to repaint to a neutral color. No painting of decks or maintenance free exterior material will be allowed.

Paint Storage. All paint stored on Property must be kept indoors in a heated space to prevent freezing. Freezing will ruin the paint

Gutters. It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean gutters on the property. The tenant may not disconnect gutter drainage extensions.

Furnace Filters. Please change furnace filters every month (Good to remember to change them whenever you pay the rent) Landlord will provide filter or filter materials. Please change filters in winter and summer. Central air systems use same ductwork. Also changing filters will reduce your energy costs and extend the life of the heating/ cooling system. Contact Landlord when your supply runs low, filters will be provided.

Fire Protection. Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and contact the Landlord if one is not working. Replacement of batteries is the tenant’s responsibility. It is the tenant responsible to have a working fire extinguisher accessible at the property at all times.

Bath Fans. In bathrooms, use the fans when showering and run the fans for 20 minutes afterwards to avoid excess humidity in the wintertime on the windows. Tenants will be responsible for cost of repairing any damage to windows, wallpaper, sheetrock, etc. Due to excess humidity in the house. It is the tenant’s responsibility to control the level of humidity.

Outside Faucets. It is the tenant’s responsibility to turn off and drain any outside faucets in the fall. Please disconnect all garden hoses to prevent faucets from freezing.

Air Conditioning. Turn off the air conditioning switch at the circuit breaker panel in the fall to avoid inadvertently turning on the air conditioner system during the winter at the thermostat. Turning on the central air conditioning system in the winter will damage the system.

Light Bulbs. It is the tenant’s responsibility to replace all expired light bulbs with correct sixe and wattage promptly at tenant’s expense. Do not install bulbs with wattage higher than the fixture is designed for

 Holiday Décor. Do not attach anything to exterior of house or garage such as holiday decorations, etc.

Rugs. Do not use any rubber on foam-backed rugs on vinyl floors: they can cause the floor to turn yellow.

Walls. You may use SMALL diameter nails, push pins, or thumb tack on walls to hang things. Poster putty, stickers, cellophane tape, and staples are not allowed on any walls, door or other surfaces. Mounting on ceilings is not allowed.

ATVs. No operation of ATV’s, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, go-carts or similar vehicles are allowed on the property.

Use Common Sense. Questions? Call 651-489-9600